FOCUS North America is pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its YES Program–Youth Equipped to Serve. Since its founding in 2004, YES has introduced more than 1,000 Orthodox teens and families to life-changing service opportunities in cities across the United States and Canada.

YES exposes junior high and high school students to the realities of poverty, engages them in weekend service opportunities, and equips them to become leaders in their church, school and community. YES seeks to raise up a generation of Orthodox Christians who live out the true mission of the Church–to love and serve our most needy neighbors–and who lead others to do the same.

“Through YES, we feed the hungry and clothe the naked, but that's just the beginning. We learn how to build relationships with everyone in our society, just like Jesus built relationships with tax collectors and sinners.”–Maria, age 17 

“My experience with YES has given me the courage to see people with new eyes and to treat them, regardless of who they are, without preconceived notions, and to love them for their humanity.” – Panayiotis, age 19

Watch this short video to see how YES is transforming the lives of young Orthodox Christians.

You can join us in celebrating YES' 10th anniversary by giving a $10 donation to YES. Simply text the word FOCUS to 52000 from your mobile phone. Your donation helps ensure that this vital ministry continues for years to come.

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