“A World Party is one of the most beautiful things to participate in during a YES Trip. Despite living in the same community, we oftentimes don’t know the stories and internal struggles that people around us face. We are simply called by God to show them love and compassion – that is exactly what happens during a World Party.

By joining together with our community, and doing things as simple as playing games and passing out balloons, we remind others of how much beauty and value they truly possess. We are able, even if it’s just for that instant, to help them forget about whatever struggles they are facing. They are able to let go of the worldly hardships they are enduring, and instead take joy and delight in the brotherly love that is present.

Through doing this, we all get to feel the happiness and fulfillment that God intended for us, as well as get to experience a glimpse into His Heavenly Kingdom.”

Rogette Saba

Youth Equipped to Serve is a program of FOCUS North America that creates opportunities for youth to engage with the poverty of their city, equipping young people to become servant leaders in their own communities. Learn more on the YES program website: www.yesnorthamerica.org

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