This weekend in Detroit, participants and leaders of the YES Servant Leadership Conference 2019 got to experience the city of Detroit, and take a deep dive into what it means to be a servant leader in our world today. Participant, Ella Powers, had beautiful words to share:

“Youth Equipped to Serve expands far beyond what is experienced in a 3-day trip to an unfamiliar city. YES seeps into my whole being, transforming my faith in every aspect – it continues to change my thoughts, it compels me to engage with others, and challenges me to embrace my community at large.

I’ve now come to learn that YES truly aims to embody all that it means to be a Christian in this world, but not of the world. The world is divided, but we are called to build bridges with one another in order to share the humanity that connects us all. YES seeks to dismantle our constructed social boundaries through intentionally meeting our neighbors, in turn sharing unconditional love, even when unconventional. Through YES we understand that the world is diverse, but it should not be divided.

YES, to me, is the action of spreading the Gospel through our actions of listening and loving. YES shows that we are not to exclusively engage in these activities on one weekend a year, but day in and day out – in constant pursuit of living out the Gospel in every interaction.”

Ella Powers

Youth Equipped to Serve is a program of FOCUS North America that creates opportunities for youth to engage with the poverty of their city, equipping young people to become servant leaders in their own communities. Learn more on the YES program website:

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