Every day, you (yes, YOU) give us at FOCUS countless reasons to be inspired by gratitude. This month leading up to #GratitudeTuesday we’re inviting you to join us as we share different ways to integrate thankfulness into your daily life.

A first step to practicing gratitude is EXPRESSING gratitude whenever you can!

Thank God every day when you open your eyes.

Be thankful for public transportation, or your own private vehicle that delivers you to work safely.

Appreciate your family for loving you, even through difficult times.

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Simple expressions of gratitude will transform your day. At FOCUS, we are saying thank you as many times as we can to all of YOU. You make the work we do across the country, serving our most vulnerable neighbors, possible! Read below to learn how you can join our FOCUS on Gratitude month as we count down the days to #GratitudeTuesday (Our version of #GivingTuesday) on December 3, 2019!

(If you aren’t familiar with our ministry, learn more about where FOCUS works here)

Here’s How you can FOCUS on gratitude with us:

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Don’t forget to mark your calendar to support FOCUS on Gratitude Tuesday, December 3. Join us in celebrating and encouraging the generosity that stems from gratitude – every gift made on #GratitudeTuesday will be doubled!!

Your blessings of time, talents, and treasures make a huge difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for joining in sharing gratitude!

Gratitude Tuesday

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