Your parish can participate in FOCUS’ national Back to School Backpack Program!

Help us serve children who, without you, would attend the first day of school without a backpack or adequate supplies for back to school.

The reality is, that even if you live in an affluent area, there are children experiencing poverty in all kinds of neighborhoods across the US. Even beyond your immediate community, there are often an unnoticed, and therefore unmet, needs in poorer neighborhoods that are often adjacent to affluent ones.

Last summer, FOCUS worked with 56 parishes in over 50 US cities to serve 2,425 children and youth in need prepare for school. This year, help us reach our goal to provide resources for 3,000 children through partnering with at least 60 parishes.

You can lead this program with your teen group, social outreach team, or even Summer Camps and Vacation Church Camps.

Contact National Programs Manager John Moxen at JavaScript required to view address

Links To Additional Resources

Printable Bulletin Insert (PDF)
Program FAQs (PDF)
Sample Elementary School Packing List (PDF)
Program Web Page

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