“We talk about experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, but how often are we actually blessed to experience it? The YES Leadership Conference was a taste of the Kingdom of Heaven. I have never experienced such a loving community of wonderful individuals, of all ages, coming together to grow as a family and as the body of Christ. We came united in our love and passion for serving our neighbors, and we left the weekend feeling whole, nurtured, and ready to serve even more because we were allowed to grow with each other in an environment of unwavering and Christ-filled support.

I had only experienced one YES College Day before going to the Leadership Conference and I did not think I was capable of being a leader. After the conference, I knew I wanted to serve as a leader, and soon, I was asked to join the team. I even helped lead a YES weekend soon after my training. All by the Grace of God. The Leadership Conference planted the seed that has allowed me to slowly keep blooming, because I am supported to discover and cultivate what God has put in my heart for me to share with my neighbor.

-Spyridoula Fotinis on her YES journey

You can learn more about YES College Days and the annual YES Servant Leadership Conference on our website: www.yesnorthamerica.org.

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