During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people all over the country are being affected in ways we could never imagine. While we’re all navigating change, its important to still be aware of your community’s needs. Children who receive most of their meals from school no longer have access. People aren’t able to work and cannot provide for their families. Shelters are losing volunteers. Some are feeling more lonely than ever. Knowing there are needs to be met and asking what they are will allow us to better serve our communities. While seeking to serve, keep in mind all precautions that have been set at this time for the sake of ourselves and each other.

During these times…prayerfully considering two questions can help us begin understanding our community’s needs: 

  1. What Has Changed?
  2. How Can I Help?

Schools across the country have closed. Education is changing. Ask Yourself: How can I support families with children? College Students?

Many businesses are closing and workers are being laid off. The economy is changing. Ask Yourself: Can I safely support local businesses? How can I reach out to unemployed?

Many people will get sick. The health of our communities is changing. Ask yourself: Am I aware of what my local hospitals need to best serve those who are ill? How can I help?

People who were already homeless, or living in extreme poverty, are more vulnerable during unstable times. Social, economic, and public health changes can negatively impact some more than others. Ask Yourself: What are the local shelters doing to serve the homeless and those living in poverty? What are other at-risk populations unique to my community? How can I help?

At FOCUS we continue to serve the needs of our communities. Join us!

You can review COVID-19 related resources and your up to date FOCUS community’s needs here.

FOCUS North America exists to support the growth of Orthodox Christian service efforts by providing engagement opportunities that reveal Christ in our neighbor and serve community needs within our five ministry areas of Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding, and Shelter.

Join our mission of engaging in Christ’s call to serve today!

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