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Give in Honor of a Loved One

With FOCUS North America’s Online Christmas Catalog you can understand the feeling of joy and gratitude that comes from extending a hand of compassion and love to someone in need this holiday season.

With a gift of Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding, or Shelter, you provide essential services to someone in need while also supporting the growth of Orthodox Christian outreach and service efforts across the country. 

After you check out, you will be given access to our NEW online greeting card portal, where you can choose a special card to share the impact of your gift with your honoree. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Learn about our ministry areas below, where your gifts in action make a difference every day.
  2. Choose a meaningful gift to in honor of someone you love.
  3. Use our secure webform to place your order.
  4. Access the online greeting card portal with the password we email you, and choose a free greeting card to share with your honoree (Print at home and E-card versions available! View Samples.)
  5. Rest assured communities in need benefit from the power of the gift you choose.

Focus North America promises to honor your generosity by using your donation in the most effective way possible. By selecting a gift through this catalog, you are making a donation to FOCUS North America. We are dedicated to using your donation to further the good work of FOCUS Communities across the country. Each gift in this catalog is representative of resources, services or support for programs provided across FOCUS North America’s national movement. These services and programs may change due to environmental, programmatic, and economic considerations. Under these circumstances, FOCUS reserves the right to reallocate gifts as necessary. Your donation will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within the ministry area you choose or to address substantially similar needs.

FOCUS communities have shared over one million pounds of food with thousands of people over the past year. When you give the gift of food, your gifts directly support efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity across the country. 

  • $150 would stock a dry goods shelf in a neighborhood food pantry
  • $75 is about the cost of one week of groceries for a family of four
  • $25 would provide a food box of staples for a homebound senior

Give the gift of occupation, and help people overcome barriers that keep them from holding a steady job. From a weekly bus pass to job training resources, your gifts put into action make a real difference.

  • $500 is about the cost of wages for one Jobs Program recipient for one month
  • $25 would provide public transportation to work for a week

Your gift of clothing engages FOCUS communities across the country in organizing drives throughout the year that collect clothes and other basic necessities. Every item we collect allows us to share comfort and compassion with people in need.

  • $150 is about the cost to deliver a pallet of basic needs items ($1,000+ value)
  • $75 is the value of a warm winter coat
  • $25 is the value of a new pair of shoes

How communities approach service is just as important as the work they engage in. FOCUS helps set the tone for service through educational and hands-on experiences modeled after Christ’s love for us. Everyone has areas of need, and areas of strength. By being aware of the fullness of each other’s experiences, communities can come together in transformative ways.

  • $75 can help FOCUS to develop and distribute service toolkits
  • $25 is the cost of registration for a teen to attend a virtual YES trip
  • $150 can help teens organize a neighborhood outreach event

Your gift of shelter helps FOCUS provide shelter as well as other resources like food, clothing, and hygiene items that are needed by people experiencing, or transitioning out of, the tragedy of homelessness. 

  • $300 would provide transitional housing for one individual for one month
  • $25 is the value of school supplies for the year for one child experiencing homelessness

Give the Gift of Love

With the work we do, we know to always expect the unexpected. People’s needs rarely fit neatly into one simple category, but we must always be ready to serve.

To keep our ministry running, we invest daily in the people and the resources that make it possible for FOCUS to share over a million pounds of food, distribute thousands of articles of clothing, offer job training, provide shelter, and more.

A gift of Love helps our organization operate at the highest possible standard, while still ensuring 82% of every gift goes toward direct ministry costs.

Thank you for making FOCUS ministries part of your Christmas gift tradition!


Share a gift and help us reach our $50,000 goal before Christmas!