Here are 10 ideas we think would be great ways to kick-start serving others in your communities!

  1. Organize a drive for your local food bank! When you drop off the items, ask about other ways you can get involved throughout the year.
  2. Cook a meal at your local homeless shelter. Don’t be afraid to sit and talk with residents after meal service is done…you might meet a new life long friend.
  3. Volunteer as a tutor for children in need after school (If you’re in Detroit check out FOCUS’ work in the local schools!)
  4. Connect with your local women’s shelter – inquire what their regular needs are and see if your women’s group can offer to help once a month.
  5. Decorate cards for veterans during Sunday school and deliver them to your local VA office.
  6. Young professionals – organize a workshop to help craft resumes for job seekers who might need help putting their best foot forward. Host it at your parish hall OR go to a local vocational school, shelter, or community center.
  7. Buy a pack of index cards and write inspirational messages on each one! Keep a few in your purse, pocket, glove box, etc. so if you encounter someone in need of a little extra joy – you have some to spare!
  8. Host a free community meal once a month at your church. Invite anyone in the community and embrace the chance to serve whoever comes by. Be sure to sit and eat with your visitors – you might be surprised by what you learn from who you meet. (If you’re in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Paul, St. Louis, Beaver County or Orange County then check out what opportunities may be at your local FOCUS center!)
  9. Collect new socks and underwear for your local homeless shelter – simple basics that we often take for granted!
  10. Keep $5 on hand to give to a homeless stranger or anyone you may meet in a time of need! Challenge yourself to remember that “need alone is a poor man’s worthiness” (St. John Chrysostom).

See an idea you like? Take Action! Help us celebrate our 10 years of serving others and join us in embracing your community through Christ-inspired service.
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