[Kansas City, MO] In addition to serving the poor by establishing operational ministries and supplying parishes with needed resources for ministry a key part of the missions of FOCUS North America is to support existing Orthodox ministries facilitating or working directly with those most in need. This year FOCUS North America through the generosity of the Orthodox Vision Foundation, made grants to several ministries. The largest was awarded to Project Mexico which received $15,000 for its tremendous work. FOCUS North America gave away a total of $45,000 in grants to new and existing FOCUS Partner Ministries. (Go online for a complete list of FOCUS Partners.)

Mr. Geoff Bray, Executive Director of Project Mexico said, “Project Mexico and FOCUS North America are two Orthodox ministries engaged in service to the poor. The beauty of the cooperation between the two is that Americans or Canadians can come to Project Mexico, become inspired through their experience to continue to do God’s work, and then work with FOCUS North America in their home countries to channel that ongoing desire to serve. The connection between short term foreign missions even overseas and domestic ministry with the poor in the Orthodox Church has never been stronger! We thank FOCUS North America for their support of Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage.”

Fr. Justin Mathews, Executive Director of FOCUS NA said, “FOCUS North America is pleased to award these grants and is extremely thankful for the generosity of the Orthodox Vision Foundation. FOCUS North America has great respect for all our partners and especially our newest partner Project Mexico. We applaud the ministry over these many years accomplished under the Yovas’ leadership and join with them in celebration as they welcome Geoff Bray as the new Executive Director. FOCUS North America is humbled to work alongside Project Mexico in our common mission to serve the Lord by caring for the ‘least of these’ and enabling Orthodox Christians to do so consistently.”

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