In December, FOCUS Detroit welcomed new director, Mr. Adam Murphy. We thank Mr. Eric Shanburn for the years of selfless service he gave in founding and growing the ministries of FOCUS Detroit.

Ever since January, we have shifted to a whole-community development model of service and ministry. We were already connected with Greenfield Union Elementary Middle School (DPSCD) and the passionate principal, Mrs. Murleen Coakley sat down with the new FOCUS Detroit director, Mr. Adam Murphy and board president Mr. Michael Ansara. After a few meetings, engaging with the PTSA and other staff to map out our continued partnership, and a needs assessment for both GU and FOCUS Detroit, we settled on this model in order to “focus” our ministry efforts to create deep community-to-community kinship and reconciliation through cooperative service. FOCUS Detroit is now an official community & religious partner with Greenfield Union through the Detroit Public School Community District.

We have set Greenfield Union as the natural epicenter of the community that lives in and around this area of 7 Mile (between Woodward and John R.). We have been creating fantastic relationships with and between the community members and the volunteers who have come to serve so far.
We are also continuing a partnership with Commonwealth Community Development Academy to deliver meals during the months of July and August and provide basic needs assistance.

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, FOCUS Detroit has had to pivot its ministries and find unique solutions to engage the community we serve, as well as safe and effective ways engage our dedicated volunteers. We were able to start distributing free meals within the community every Saturday. We had been planning to do in-person music classes, however we were able to start our music ministry online, thanks to Ms. Mary Kay Price (see volunteer spotlight below).

We will be providing meals every Saturday (except July 4th). A huge “thank you” to GFS for their donation of groceries to prepare meals during the months of March and April, as well as to the whole community of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Troy for providing meals during May, June, and July!If you would like to make meals during the month of August, please email JavaScript required to view address.

We can always use volunteers to distribute meals, hold signs, help with cleanup around the school yard, etc.

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