The mission of St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland is to shelter and support homeless men on the path to well-being and independence and meet the basic needs of people in the community. St. Herman House operates a 28 bed emergency shelter and a 12 bed transitional shelter.

Volunteers, staff and residents also serve hot meals, in fact St. Herman House is the only ministry in Cleveland that serves 3 meals per day every day for the community. St. Herman House also helps meet basic needs, connect residents to jobs, and build other important life skills.

Daily life at St. Herman House is usually a constant buzz of activity. People coming and going, cooking and serving meals, volunteers dropping off items…the daily list of activities is endless.These days at St. Herman House, the activity has not stopped, Glory to God! Ministry updates help ensure residents, volunteers, and staff stay safe (you can review the latest here). Thankfully these updates have not interrupted the services that the community relies on St. Herman House to provide.

One big change was the temporary hold on serving hot meals, and transitioning to serving take-away bagged meals to the community instead. Dozens of groups sprang into action during the month of March alone donating food items and safely preparing and packaging meals to distribute to the hungry. St. Herman House continues to serve over 100 meals a day to the community.

Now more than ever, compassionate and understanding care is needed. The way we care for, and show each other love now is different than a few weeks ago (think about giving someone a hug, for example). However, what’s important is that we continue to care, and give how we can.

For those of you who are able, a gift to St. Herman House, or any FOCUS program, is a worthy cause.

Because of the care and love shown by volunteers, donors, and supporters like you, St Herman House continues to provide food and other basic needs to the community during these challenging times, just as it has since it first opened its doors in 1977.

St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland is a local center of FOCUS North America, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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