One of our amazing YES community members attended a College Day in Chicago earlier in October. Here is Alethia’s testimony:

“In the busy life of a college student, we are often worried about our grades, our futures, and our jobs. This YES college day was much needed…not simply because it was a break from the normal routine of a college student, but because it was a break from thinking of ourselves.

This was a day where we could choose to be full of Christ instead of ourselves…a day where we can connect with each other and understand that we live with so much division in our lives. We were able to do many activities with the amazing leaders of this trip, Michael Moussa and Hanan Qaqish.

After these group activities, we ventured out into the city to serve at a womens’ home, Sarah’s Circle. The stories we heard from these women revealed a variety of things to everyone in the group. This experience, paired with the YES scavenger hunt we did, demonstrated to us how much we can learn from each other and how vulnerable it feels when we actually seek to serve.

When we truly live for others we must see past these divisions. We must not hide and avoid others as Adam did in the garden, but love and sit with anyone as Christ did. By being there for someone and laying aside our own comforts to truly love someone, we are allowing a piece of God’s Kingdom to be seen.

This YES college day was a true blessing. YES has taught me so much, and continues to everyday. There is so much we are able to do in our lives to serve in our communities and love those around us. By taking these experiences that YES days give us into the rest of our lives, we can make steps towards becoming full of Christ.”


Youth Equipped to Serve is a program of FOCUS North America that creates opportunities for youth to engage with the poverty of their city, equipping young people to become servant leaders in their own communities. Learn more on the YES program website:

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