Exciting times at the farm!

It has been a busy few months at our Spruce Island Farm in Trumbull County. We put up our first greenhouse, thanks to a very generous donor and many people who volunteered their labor. We’ll plant vegetables and flowers in the fall. The greenhouse will be a great opportunity for St. Herman residents to learn about agriculture. We hope that our products will also provide a source of revenue for our programs.

We also added 405,000 bees to our apiary! (We didn’t count them, but that’s a good estimate.) If you think that’s a lot, by the end of the season they will be in the millions! Did you know that bees are considered livestock?
We now have 40 beehives at the farm, and another 20 hives at three other locations, including an urban farm in Cleveland’s Central neighborhood and a women’s sober house in North Royalton. We’re excited about these partnerships and eager to see our honey production triple! Stay tuned for purchasing information in the fall.

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By: Chrysanthe Loizos

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