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July eNews 2010



FOCUS North America Latest News


FOCUS Orange County Serves Homeless Children Living in Motels

When one thinks of Orange County, California, one doesn’t normally think of poverty since it is one of the wealthiest areas in the nation. However, there are over 20,000 children who are homeless in the county. Many of these children live in motels. In some cases there are more than six children living in one hotel room. They often do not know where their next meal will come from. FOCUS is working to unite the local orthodox Churches to serve these kids and help provide them the necessities they need.

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FOCUS North America Sends Mission Team to Appalachia

Last month, 30 Focus North America volunteers (aged 9 to 69) drove the 943 miles from the Kansas City area to Bakersville, North Carolina to help do work projects for some of the needy families in the area.

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FOCUS North America Launches Wednesday Night Meals in San Diego

When people think of Coronado and San Diego, they think of Sea World, the Hotel Del Coronado, and old town San Diego. They don’t know that there are thousands of people unable to find work living on the streets.

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Home Repair for Seniors in the City (St. Louis)

You're on your own in a run down old house just trying to keep the utilities on...You're getting letters from the city warning about chipping paint, broken steps, and weed overgrowth...You may be disabled and barely able to carry the oxygen tank around...What do you do?

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FOCUS Minnesota Ready to Serve the Poor at New Location

FOCUS Minnesota has a new location as of Thursday July 15, 2010, 1600 Lake Street, Minneapolis.   Plans are already underway to serve a deli-sandwich meal there on July 28, 2010 to maintain some momentum amongst our volunteers and to establish this activity in our new neighborhood. News of the meal has been shared with our neighboring social service agencies.

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Upcoming YES Trips:


New York CIty August 27th - 29th



Board of Directors:

Mr. Charles Ajalat,

Mr. William Hoeft,
Vice Chairman

Dr. Julie Papatheofanis, MD,
V. Rev. Fr. Tom Avramis,
Mrs. Lory Barsdate Easton,
Mr. Brian Gerich,
Ms. Georgia Kazakis

Fr. Justin Mathews,
Executive Director

Advisory Board

Mr. Andrew Natsios,

Mrs.Theodora Polamalu
Mr. Peter Marudas
Mrs. Maria Foscarinis
Fr. Gregory Matthewes-Green
Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green
Mr. Joel Smith


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