Honor a loved one or friend by giving a life-transforming gift in their honor. We are confident you will find something meaningful in this catalogue. With each gift, we will send you a personalized card that you can present to your special recipient. In this season of thanksgiving, your support will be appreciated by both loved ones and those FOCUS serves every day.

Thank you for choosing to serve, one gift at a time.

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Week of Summer Meals for a Child – $50

Each year, more than 21 million children receive free or reduced price lunches during the school year. But, when school is out, many of these children go hungry. FOCUS’ Summer Feeding Program provides meals to children in need throughout the summer months. Your gift will keep a child healthy and hunger-free this summer.


Food Pantry items for the Elderly – $100

Our nation’s elderly are susceptible to homelessness and hunger due to low, fixed incomes. Many are incapable of leaving their homes in order to meet their basic needs. Your support will enable FOCUS to provide two weeks of groceries to an elderly person in need of support.


Feed the Multitudes 500 – $1000 / Feed 250 – $500 / Feed 100 – $200

Across the nation, hundreds of individuals and families turn to FOCUS for a much needed meal. This gift will feed 125, 250, or 500 of our neighbors in need, ensuring that no person who comes to FOCUS leaves hungry.

$1000 $500 $200

Kid’s Nutritious Weedend Meals – $25

Children who qualify for free or reduced-price meals at school often come to school hungry and malnourished after the weekend. Help us ensure that these children have nutritious, healthy meals Friday through Sunday too. Your gift will provide a child with one month of weekend meals.


Maintain a Beehive – $250

FOCUS’s 75-acre farm in Northeast Ohio has begun to harvest honey from our beehives and is now selling it. We’ve even trained some residents from our shelter in Cleveland in beekeeping and we hope to grow the apiary to 60 hives in 2018. Your gift will ensure the continued growth and sustainability of our training and honey harvesting.


Document Recovery – $15

For many job seekers who are living outdoors or coming from an unstable housing situation, lost birth certificates, social security cards, and proper ID can be a major barrier to gaining employment. FOCUS is able to help individuals acquire these documents and get them on the road to success.


Parenting Support – $80

Many single parents struggle to balance the demands of parenting, while also holding a job. FOCUS helps parents, especially mothers, provide for their families by offering parenting classes, personal nance training, mentoring, and support groups.


Tutor Children for Success – $250

Children in urban schools around the country suffer from a lack of education resources as school budgets face increasing pressure. FOCUS steps in and helps with tutoring programs and mentoring. Your gift will provide these students with the tools they need to succeed in school and life.


Jobs for Unemployed Re-entering the Workforce – $125

FOCUS provides job-training programs and placement for unemployed men and women working toward self-suffciency. Help us teach marketable skills while allowing individuals to earn income and gain the confidence they need.


Backpack – $10 / with Supplies — $30

A child’s success is largely tied to the quality of his or her education, starting with access to proper school supplies. This small but meaningful gift will provide a child with a backpack. For just a little more, ll that backpack with supplies to give a child the tools to succeed.

$10 $30

Gift of Warmth – $125

Winter can be harsh, and many people in our communities do not have the luxury to avoid the cold. Your gift will help FOCUS provide coats, hats, gloves, blankets, and other winter gear to our homeless friends this year—truly a heart-warming gift.


Baby Bundles – $75

Having an infant is expensive and parents with low incomes often struggle to meet the added costs. Your gift will ensure our youngest friends are happy and healthy by providing diapers, clothing, and other supplies.


Hygiene Kit – $20

Simple, essential items like soap and a toothbrush can be hard to a ord for someone living on the street or in a shelter. Give someone a kit of basic hygiene items. Besides helping someone to clean up their outward appearance, your gift will also help increase their confidence and dignity.


Gift of Laughter – $50

Every child deserves the opportunity to just be a kid. Put a smile on a child’s face by providing toys and games their family could not otherwise afford.


Sponsor a YES Student – $150

Through FOCUS’ Youth Equipped to Serve (YES) Program, Orthodox youth participate in vocational formation and leadership opportunities serving in their communities. Sponsor a young person’s leadership growth through this meaningful scholarship.


Healing from Trauma – $300

Trauma from food insecurity, violence, and homelessness is both a cause and result of poverty. At FOCUS Pittsburgh, we work to foster understanding micro-communities among neighbors, in order to heal shared trauma and improve communication. Your gift will allow us to train leaders who can respond to trauma in their own neighborhoods.


Medical or Dental Exam – $100

FOCUS provides free and reliable health services to uninsured individuals. Your support will help provide medical and dental exams to help someone stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.


Set of Hand Tools – $25

Through our job training programs, men use their skills to bene t their communities by providing landscaping, janitorial, and maintenance services to area businesses and organizations. Enable their work with the gift of hand tools.


Utility Support – $75

Utilities can be among the highest costs for a family struggling to make ends meet. FOCUS provides assistance with gas, electricity, and water for our friends and neighbors who are in need. You can help a family keep the house warm this winter.


Home Repair and Maintenance – $400

Many low-income, single parents do not have the time or extra money to pay for repairs when there are plumbing or electrical problems in their home. FOCUS volunteers provide home-repairs for families in emergency situations. Your gift will ensure that we can make living spaces safe and maintained for families that are trying to get ahead.


Fire Relief – $175

An unexpected house fire can suddenly leave a family without any resources. FOCUS responds to fires with emergency food, clothing, and school supplies in order to help families recover. Your gift will ensure our ability to help families begin to restart their lives after a tragedy.


FOCUS North America is a national movement of Orthodox Christians, united in faith and joined by a desire to provide action-oriented and sustainable solutions to poverty in communities across America. FOCUS has operations and life-changing youth development opportunities in more than 50 cities.

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FOCUS North America is a registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We will send you a receipt for your records. No person is denied services based on race, creed, sex, disability or national origin. We never sell, rent or exchange our supporters’ information.

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs shown in this catalog reflect FOCUS North America projects at the time of writing and the suggested donation amounts are based on periodic calculations of the activities described.

Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears and donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that category or to address a similar need.