FOCUS Pittsburgh

Monday, December 23, 2019

FOCUS North America Announces Neighborhood Resilience Project

FOCUS North America announces the creation of a new Pittsburgh-based organization, the Neighborhood Resilience Project (NRP), which will be continuing trauma-informed services launched by FOCUS North America in the Hill District. In the coming month the Pittsburgh Center of FOCUS North America will be transitioning the majority of its current programs and staff to NRP. Starting in January 2020, the NRP will independently run the programs that provide food, clothing, medical assistance, and trauma-informed care services in the Hill District and elsewhere in Pittsburgh. FOCUS North America is pleased to have supported the creation of these important programs.

FOCUS North America, a faith-based national charity that provides services to the homeless and working poor, launched the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center in 2009. Father Paul Abernathy served as the director of the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center and led the development of a free health clinic and additional programs centered on trauma-informed service and community development, including a trauma response vehicle program. Father Paul will continue this important work serving as the first Director of the NRP.

FOCUS and NRP agree that the delivery of trauma-informed services programs to our neighbors in the Hill District is a critical need and have concluded that they will better serve their respective missions as two separate organizations. Father Paul shares, “I’m grateful to FOCUS for all the support they have provided for this work, and to me, over this past decade. Moving forward, I am hopeful that both NRP here in Pittsburgh and FOCUS North America will grow and expand their services for the poor, responding to those in need with compassion and humility.”

FOCUS North America and the NRP both look forward to continuing to serve those in need. Find out more about the NRP here:

FOCUS North America is celebrating 10 years as a national movement of Orthodox Christians, united in faith and joined by a desire to serve those in need. FOCUS North America provides impactful and sustainable responses to poverty in communities across America and has operations and youth volunteer experiences in more than 50 cities in the United States. Find out more about FOCUS North America here: