Click on the icons below to download toolkits for these turnkey programs and events you can do with your church, youth, group,  family, or even as a personal service project.

If you live close to a FOCUS Center and want to volunteer, scroll to the bottom of the page for contact info.


Ways to Volunteer 

FOCUS Centers:

If you would like to volunteer at a FOCUS Center near you call 866-267-3083 and the extension listed below.
  • St. Herman’s FOCUS Cleveland, OH—Paul Finley, Local Director, ext 714
  • FOCUS Minnesota, MN—Vera Proctor, Local Director, ext 712
  • FOCUS Pittsburgh, PA— Fr. Paul Abernathy, Local Director, ext 713
  • FOCUS Saint Louis, MO—Fr. Patrick Dare, Local Coordinator, ext 711
  • FOCUS San Diego, CA—Patty Diaz, Local Coordinator, 715
  • FOCUS Detroit— Eric Shanburn, 711

National Programs:

If you would like to volunteer for a national program please click on the program link for more info or contact the appropriate staff member. If you have questions about an opportunity, or would like to discuss a new idea contact our National Programs Manager, John Moxen: JavaScript required to view address  

National Office:

We are growing rapidly and welcome volunteers at our national office in Pittsburgh, PA. If you are interested in volunteering at our main office, please call us at 866-267-3083 or email us at JavaScript required to view address.