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Return Gifts of Love from a Former St. Herman House Resident

Someone who has received mercy and compassion can know the impact of such things better than anyone. Time and again, we hear of people who have been served by FOCUS ministries who then become volunteers or supporters themselves. Their gifts may not be large in a strictly monetary sense, but the heart of gratitude behind their gifts and the sacrifice of their offering is immense.

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Three Women Who Met Christ

The winter in St. Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota is cold–oftentimes seeing temperatures as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit. On one of these particularly cold yet sunny days, FOCUS Minnesota’s volunteers worked outside distributing free lunch bags to people in need when they noticed a woman lying in the recessed doorway.

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Homelessness, Hygiene, and Health

“There’s an incredible negative impact in not being able to have clean clothes – on your health and on your mental state,” says FOCUS Minnesota Director, Vera Proctor.  In vulnerable and marginalized communities, people suffer because the tools needed to stay clean and healthy are not available.

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