Start A Back To School Supply Drive

Organize a Supply Drive to provide kids with what they need for school. We’ll find a local school or nonprofit in need and send you empty backpacks + a list of their requested items. You work with your parish to collect the items, fill the backpacks and deliver them to your community partner.

Gauge Interest

Share this project and gather initial feedback to help decide if your community is willing to support a FOCUS Back to School Supply Drive! Also use this time to ask your parish priest for a blessing, and how to best share this opportunity within your church.

Contact Us

Contact us to get started! We will work with you to identify a local community partner in need for your supply drive. Through our national supplier, we will help you purchase empty backpacks for only $10 each and deliver them to your parish for free!

Collect Supplies

Collect supplies to fill the backpacks you ordered. FOCUS will help you connect with a community partner, and will provide a wishlist of items to collect. If you would also like to collect donations, you can give online or follow our cash/check donation guidelines.

Stay Involved

At the end of your supply drive, you will deliver the backpacks and supplies to your community partner - but the work isn't over! We challenge you to stay connected to the cause, and continue to supporting your local community.

Back to School FAQ's

Here's what you should know before you organize a back to school fundraiser or supply drive for your community.

Every year, through your generous participation, FOCUS provides thousands of children with backpacks and school supplies to go back to school. The children receiving the supplies often live in households that are highly mobile, experiencing homelessness, or bouncing from place to place. Without a stable place to call home, children often show up to a new school without the supplies they need. By organizing a FOCUS Back to School fundraiser, you can make sure children in your community have what they need to learn and grow.

If you choose to do a Back to School Fundraiser, your only job will be to raise money for FOCUS North America's Back to School program. You can choose how you'd like to raise money (collection basket, bake sale, car wash, etc.) and follow tips on our fundraiser guide to for easy donation handling. The funds you raise will go directly toward purchasing backpacks and supplies for children in your local area. FOCUS will identify where the donations are needed, purchase the items, and oversee the delivery of the items directly to the children in need. After your fundraiser is over, FOCUS will send you information about the impact of your fundraiser, and ideas for how to stay involved.

If you choose to do a Back to School Supply Drive, you will be raising donations for FOCUS to purchase a bulk-order of backpacks. The backpacks will be shipped to your parish and then you will work in your community to collect supply items to fill the backpacks with. FOCUS will help you connect with a local partner in need of the backpacks and supplies, and you will coordinate with them to deliver your donations after the drive is over.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our program manager, John Moxen: JavaScript required to view address 

When you are raising funds to support a FOCUS Back to School program, here's the value of your donation: 

  • $10 is the value of one backpack
  • $25 is the value of one backpack + 52 pc. supply kit

Here are some fundraising goal options: 

  • $240 = Purchase empty backpacks and organize a supply drive to fill them with items for an entire elementary school classroom (approx. 24 students).
  • $600 = Purchase backpacks pre-stuffed with supply kits for 24 students. We deliver them straight to a local partner for you.

Set a fundraising goal based on whether you would like to purchase backpacks only and organize a supply drive, OR purchase backpacks + supplies together. For more info, see "Fundraiser VS. Supply Drive" 

YES! Your donations will be used to support children in your local area. We do this by taking the time to connect with schools, social workers, nonprofits, and other community partners who are already working to reach children living in highly mobile and unstable situations. Your donations are used to purchase items directly for the partners we identify. If you already have a community partner in mind, let us know! 

YES! Giving online is the easiest way to donate, however if you collect cash or check donations during your fundraiser or supply drive, please track them using this tracking sheet.

FOCUS North America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The tax-deductible donations you collect during your fundraiser will directly support FOCUS North America's Back to School Fundraiser and Back to School Supply Drive programs. Our program model is unique because FOCUS will always connect your fundraiser or supply drive to a meaningful, local cause. This means the money and/or items you collect will be used to purchase backpacks and school supplies for children in need right in your community - your neighbors in need. Our program manager will inform you after your fundraiser is over exactly where the backpacks and supplies purchased with your donations go, and the impact they had. We strongly encourage you to use both our fundraiser and supply drive programs as a launching point for continued service in your community.

You can organize a fundraiser for FOCUS North America year round. Our Back to School fundraisers and supply drives normally take place between May and September. Contact John Moxen if you have any questions: JavaScript required to view address 

If you have questions or comments, please contact John Moxen at JavaScript required to view address

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