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Fighting Childhood Hunger

More than 11 million children in the United States Live in food insecure homes. “Food Insecure” means not every member of the household has enough food to live a healthy life. Children are often the hidden victims of food insecurity – and miss important educational and health benchmarks when they don’t get the healthy food they need. Join FOCUS in fighting hunger and food insecurity by making a gift or organizing a fundraiser at your parish to support our programs.

Preparing for Back to School

The Need

Imagine missing school because you don’t have a backpack or even a pair of shoes. For many children experiencing homelessness and poverty in America, they don’t need to imagine. They are forced to skip school, unable to participate in sports and playground activities, and face health risks because of inadequate shoes, food, or school supplies.

What Can You Do to Help?

FOCUS will send you brand-new, high quality backpacks with a list of school supplies. Fill the backpacks with the supplies and then donate them to a FOCUS partner school in your area. Click below to contact our Program Manager and get started.

Finding Creative Solutions

As we navigate a changing world, creative solutions to social problems are needed now more than ever. Everywhere FOCUS serves, we do our best to meet the needs of our neighbors while finding compassionate solutions that prioritize human dignity. Every human face we encounter is a living icon, a window through which we can see the image and likeness of Christ. Some of our recent programs provide online music tutoring for children, virtual leadership retreats for teens and young adults, and more!

We're All In This Together

"Our community partner was not only immensely grateful for the donation of the backpacks on behalf of needy students in the School District of Philadelphia, she was thrilled with the quality of the backpacks themselves and is sure that the lucky recipients will be excited to receive them. She especially loved all of the different colors and patterns of the backpacks. She reiterated that the need for such items is ongoing and year round, and that she will be happy to receive any more that the local Orthodox community provides."
Jane Kelly
Local Volunteer Coordinator, Philadelphia