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Living icons

Every day, FOCUS serves those who suffer from poverty. Thousands of people, made in the image and likeness of Christ have been touched. They are living icons. 


When Darryl came to St. Herman’s, through the strength of the community he found, he began to believe in himself: that he could succeed.

“I had suffered a lot of trauma. So I ended up coming to St. Herman’s one day. When you come to a place like this your confidence is totally gone.”

“It started changing me. My confidence got a lot stronger. It’s been like a family—something I had missed when I was younger.”

You can get involved too!
Here's how.

A WORLD PARTY is a beautiful way to bring all the people of a community together for some fun. Host one in your town!
The Friends of FOCUS giving community, is made up of donors who give monthly to ensure that FOCUS is fulfilling it's mission all year long.
We will send you a tote bag to fill with gifts for someone in need, to help you create your own personal service project!
Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you stay informed of opportunities to volunteer and give.
A gift of $30 will enable a school students has a backpack filled with supplies this year.
You can bring the YES (Youth Equipped to Serve) Program to your community no matter where you are.