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What is the YES Program?

YES (Youth Equipped to Serve) is a ministry of FOCUS North America which is designed to provide local parishes and youth workers with the resources necessary to involve junior and senior high students in local community service and short-term missions projects.

The Purpose of the program is to encourage our youth to live out their faith through service to others. YES provides opportunities for youth to get involved with outreach at different levels and help them grow into positions of student leadership.

Check out our new YES video to get a glimpse of the YES experience:

How is this accomplished?

YES has adopted a 4 step service learning process known as E4. The Strategy behind E4 is to move students from observers to leaders. This is accomplished by a stair-cased program centered upon carefully chosen service Projects.

The 4 steps are:

  1. Expose   Interactive Curriculum
  2. Engage  Local Service Projects & Cross-Cultural Service projects
  3. Equip   Leadership Development Projects
  4. Entrust   Student-led Missions

Each project is chosen based upon specific criteria know to be meaningful service learning context with each step, the environmental or cultural tension of the service project becomes more complex. This created tension” is by design, and provides the kind of context conducive for real spiritual transformation.

This four-tiered, service-learning approach combined with a modified orientation and debriefing component maximizes the significance and long-term effects of the YES Projects.

Get Involved Now!

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Katrina Bitar, YES North America Director
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