It is always beneficial to put time into preparing for your trip experience.  One way to do that is to begin serving with YES before the trip by investing time in fundraising and helping to equip your trip team.  Inviting others to participate with you by supporting the work that you and your trip team will do is incredibly special for them and for you.  Every dollar given to YES goes towards planting seeds of love and hope in someone’s life, so the more people that give, the more we can give.

Here are some fundraising tips:

  • Think about the people in your life who would love to help you do this work you desire to do.  You might want to ask for $10 or $20 donations from a few people, or ask one person to sponsor your total $175 trip donation.  There are many ways to reach out to others, depending on who you’re asking and how much you’re inviting them to give.
  • Reach out to your parish priest and fellow parishioners.  Because YES is a local program that will often take place in your city or a nearby city, it is likely that there are people in your community who would want to serve the needs of their own city as well. You can give a short presentation at your parish, send a letter to individuals, or reach out to people in person.
  • Talk with your youth director about the possibility of coming together as a youth group to provide financial assistance to people from your parish who are participating.
  • It is great to think about how much you can contribute of your own funds.  Start putting aside some money every week.  You will be asking people to help support your participation, so being a donor to YES is something you can consider as well.
  • Organize a fundraiser! Get creative and come up with your own unique way to share your trip with others and to gain their support.
  • Have fun!  Approach people with joy and clarity of purpose and, if the time and circumstances are right for them, they will embrace this opportunity to support you and YES.


YES has a limited amount of scholarships for each trip:  Five $75 scholarships.  Please email Katrina Bitar for more information:  JavaScript required to view address.