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Dear Friends,

YES AWARENESS DAY is Sunday, June 19th! 🙂 We would be so grateful if you would share your YES experience with your parish on Sunday, June 19th. (or any Sunday that works for your parish)

Below is a letter that can be read, with a personal testimony of your own! 🙂 Through sharing your experience, we hope to gather future participants on trips and gifts of love that will help us make those trips happen.

If you are able to participate with the blessing of your priest, please send donations to:

FOCUS North America
Katrina Bitar
600 N. Bell Ave.
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With love in Christ,


June 19, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we celebrate the Holy Spirit descending upon the Apostles and empowering them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the world, I am blessed today to share with YOU, the Youth Equipped to Serve (YES) Program of FOCUS North America, which aims to follow after the Apostles and share the love of Jesus Christ with the poor all over North America.  YES provides opportunities for youth, young adults, and families to participate in formative weekends of service, with the ultimate purpose being to raise up a generation of Orthodox Christians who lead others in loving and serving their most needy neighbors in their own communities.  During the first half of 2016, the YES Program had 10 trips, including 2 Family Days, a new program that YES is offering to parishes that gives families an opportunity to serve together and build a lasting connection to their community.

Those who experience a YES trip are presented with a new perspective and approach to service, and are equipped to live focused on the needs of others.  They are freed from their worries, their desires, and come to truly know Christ, who equates Himself with “the Least of our Brethren.”  It is by stepping away from their daily life that they see what it means to really live as a Christian, and choose, on their own, to value themselves and others.  They become aware of their role in the lives of all the people they come in contact with, and are empowered to see each person as Christ and be Christ for each person they meet.

(INSERT YOUR PERSONAL TESTIMONY HERE: What trips you went on, how they affected you personally, why you think the youth in your parish should go on a trip, etc.)

With grateful hearts, we ask you for your prayers and support for the ministry of YES.  With your help today, we will be able to provide scholarships for youth that are not able to afford the YES weekend trip registration fee of $150.  We will also be able to host trips in new cities all over North America.  It is your gifts that make it possible for us to meet the needs of the people we serve.  The greatest gift you can give the YES Program is to spread the word about this vital ministry.  Please visit our website-– to learn more about our programs and to see our list of upcoming trips.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

With love in Christ, The YES Program of FOCUS North America

What is the YES Program?

The YES Program of FOCUS North America is YOUTH EQUIPPED TO SERVE.  YES provides opportunities for junior high, high school students, and college students to participate in formative weekends of service that aim to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and bring youth to an awareness of Christ in themselves and others. Through this experience, we aim to identify and cultivate leadership gifts in trip participants, with the ultimate purpose being to raise up service leaders who will lead others in loving and serving our most needy neighbors in their own communities and on future YES trips.


Check out our new YES video to get a glimpse of the YES experience:

How is this accomplished?

YES has adopted a 4 step service learning process known as E4. The Strategy behind E4 is to move students from observers to leaders. This is accomplished by a stair-cased program centered upon carefully chosen service Projects.

The 4 steps are:

  1. Expose   Interactive Curriculum
  2. Engage  Local Service Projects & Cross-Cultural Service projects
  3. Equip   Leadership Development Projects
  4. Entrust   Student-led Missions

Each project is chosen based upon specific criteria know to be meaningful service learning context with each step, the environmental or cultural tension of the service project becomes more complex. This created tension” is by design, and provides the kind of context conducive for real spiritual transformation.

This four-tiered, service-learning approach combined with a modified orientation and debriefing component maximizes the significance and long-term effects of the YES Projects.

Get Involved Now!

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  • Find resources and ideas for service projects in your parish
  • Bring the YES Program to  your community!


Katrina Bitar, YES North America Director
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