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Reconciliation Services FOCUS Kansas City


2From Fr. Paisius…When FOCUS gave us a gift, for 4 months, you enabled our intensive case manager to help overcome barriers for 40 of the most vulnerable in KC." These are homeless and/or mentally ill clients who had fallen through the cracks of the existing safety net in Kansas City, MO. Without the assistance of FOCUS, North America, there is no telling what might have happened to these suicidal and very needy individuals.



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Philoxenia House- Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


philoxenia-house-725I was no longer able to walk.  I was around 15 years old.  The physicians sent me away to, literally, die within my own walls.  I traveled for treatment at the Mayo Clinic – Rochester, MN. I received two hip replacements, and two knee replacements.  The last operation was on my ankles. I am especially grateful to Father Nick and to all the parishioners of the church in Rochester, to the sponsors of Philoxenia House such as FOCUS NA. I am once again able to walk and have been granted a second life. We lived in the Philoxenia House for a year.  We had no means to live in a hotel and we simply would not have been able to proceed with my treatment without the Philoxenia House. We would have had to go home…

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Emmaus House - New York, NY



The Emmaus Way of Life enables residents to rediscover their faith and hope through spirituality, while living a life that is scripture based: "feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, clothing the poor, and caring for the sick and imprisoned." In return for the love and support they received when welcomed into the community, residents share that same love and support with others in need. Thanks to the support of Focus NA, the Orthodox ministry of Emmaus House has a renewed hope for not only sustaining existing Orthodox ministries here in America, but the establishment of countless other critical ministries so badly needed. Thank you Focus NA!
Fr. Martin Kraus


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St. Brigid Fellowship, Isla Vista, CA


StreetPrayerfrom a volunteer… “Working with the homeless never felt like a choice to me. My grandfather taught me through his actions which flowed with a deep penetrating love that all human beings were our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. I learned as a child that we are all struggling through this life together most of us doing the best we can. It is our responsibility to care for those who cannot find the strength or resources until they are able to carry themselves again. My grandfather passed away when I was nine, but his prayers have remained with me.”


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St. John the Compassionate - Toronto, Canada



slide36aSt. John the Compassionate Mission - we are entering our 25th year of sharing our life with the poor. The Mission is simply a way of life. It is about risking to be vulnerable and learning from the poor what it means to be human and how to live tenderness. Rooted in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church, it is about living theology with those who are suffering, often right on the door steps of our churches.

155 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4M 2E9

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Treehouse, Wichita, KS.



During the current time of economic strain our mothers are being challenged to somehow make their dollar stretch ever further and it is difficult. The rush of daily life can sometimes make us lose sight of our blessings. One of our greatest blessings is that of our children. Yet, not every Wichita family has what they need to provide even the basic necessities for their families, making life even more stressful. Offering the small things such as a dry diaper, a full tummy and a warm blanket can make an incredible difference in the life of a child. The Treehouse is a sanctuary for mothers who do not have the resources to provide for their newborn baby. The financial support of FOCUS has enabled us to provide these much needed necessities and to ease the tremendous stress felt in so many of the mothers that we serve.


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St. Moses the Black – Ash Grove, MO


ClaudiaWithHerGodmotherNicoleThe Brotherhood of St Moses the Black is a pan-Orthodox nonprofit organization. Its mission is to minister to Americans the gift of Orthodoxy. In an effort to be good stewards of the manifold grace of God (I Peter 4:10), the organization presents an annual conference that targets those who have little exposure to Orthodoxy as well as the African roots of Orthodoxy. Its vision is to bring Americans closer to Jesus Christ.

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St Luke Orthodox Mission - Anniston, AL


100_1214The funds received from FOCUSNA enabled us to provide outreach to people who have never heard of Orthodoxy.  We sponsor weekday Morning Prayer services, followed by a free medical clinic.  Run by an Orthodox physician and nurse, the clinic cares for 1500 people a year.  The people who attend the clinic are uninsured.  Without the clinic, they would be without healthcare and medication.  By receiving our baseline health services, the people not only attain improved health outcomes but also obtain attention for their spiritual wounds.  The waiting room has free Orthodox books and icons. The clinic also serves as a training opportunity for disadvantaged college and high school students who want to enter the medical field. We are grateful for the FOCUSNA funds because they invigorated our promotion of Christ Crucified and the Holy Trinity.  God bless, Dr. Carla Thomas

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Trinity Youth Services - Colton, CA.


pict3Trinity Children's Foundation of America has the utmost gratitude for the very generous gift we received from FOCUS.   The funds allowed us to assemble more than 150 "comfort kits" for children who require emergency placement in foster care. This occurs when children must be pulled from their homes without prior notice, due to domestic violence or other traumatic incident, as in the case of Joshua, a 4 year-old Hispanic boy, who was brought to Trinity at 2 a.m. after police were called to his home. Joshua's father, a gang member in East LA, had been involved in a dispute with a rival gang earlier in the evening.  The rival gang, seeking retaliation came to the house and fired shots into the home where Joshua and his mother were sleeping. Although no one was wounded, when the police searched the home they found drugs and weapons. Joshua's parents were taken into custody and Joshua was placed in emergency care. Comfort kits are backpacks (because many foster children are forced to carry their belongings in garbage bags),  a stuffed animal, an age appropriate book or coloring book, a pillow and blanket, some basic hygiene items and a voucher so the foster parent can purchase emergency clothing for the child. The ability for Trinity to be able to provide children like Joshua with a comfort kit may seem like a simple thing, but for a frightened or wounded child, taken by strangers in the middle of the night, not knowing what the future holds, a small gesture that shows them they are cared for and that they will be safe, is not simple at all.  It can set the tone for the child's entire stay in foster care, however long that may be.

Read more: Trinity Youth Services - Colton, CA.


Raphael House – San Francisco, CA.


boat_fsRaphael House was one of the first organizations to receive a grant from FOCUS. This is a story of a woman who was helped with your grant. Jane, a single mother with two young children, came into shelter for what she thought would be a one-month stay.  It came out that Jane’s credit card balances were through the roof and she needed help budgeting her paychecks. Although the family had only planned to stay one month, they ended up staying almost four months. Jane and her case manager would sit down and talk about ways to reduce her credit card balance.  During her last budget meeting, Jane calculated that she would finally be able to fully pay off all her credit cards that she had been working so hard to reduce. She could look into the future and start saving for her children’s education.  She then took all of her credit cards out of her wallet and with a dramatic flair, picked up the scissors from the desk, cut them all up!

Read more: Raphael House – San Francisco, CA.


Partner Ministries List


More agencies and ministries are being added every month so check back often!

If you represent a social action ministry or are an Orthodox social action worker and  are interested in joining the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve please email us here and tell us about what you do!

Current Partner Agencies:

  • Raphael House
  • Philoxenia House
  • Trinity Youth Services
  • St. Brigid Fellowship
  • The Treehouse
  • St. John the Compassionate Mission
  • Reconciliation Services FOCUS Kansas City
  • Emmaus House
  • St. Luke's Medical Mission
  • Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black
  • St. Xenia's Sisterhood
  • Desert Wisdom Bookstore
  • Harmony Counseling Services
  • The Sheltering Tree
  • ReEngage
  • Martha and Mary House
  • St. Herman House of Hospitality
  • St. Seraphim Center
  • Project Mexico
  • Ancient Faith Radio
  • Orthodox Christian Network

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