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Philoxenia House- Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


philoxenia-house-725I was no longer able to walk.  I was around 15 years old.  The physicians sent me away to, literally, die within my own walls.  I traveled for treatment at the Mayo Clinic – Rochester, MN. I received two hip replacements, and two knee replacements.  The last operation was on my ankles. I am especially grateful to Father Nick and to all the parishioners of the church in Rochester, to the sponsors of Philoxenia House such as FOCUS NA. I am once again able to walk and have been granted a second life. We lived in the Philoxenia House for a year.  We had no means to live in a hotel and we simply would not have been able to proceed with my treatment without the Philoxenia House. We would have had to go home…


Holy Anargyroi Church

703 W. Center St.

Rochester, MN 55902



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