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Your Tax Refund Could Benefit Your Neediest Neighbors


Many people look forward to the extra money coming to them this time of year in the form of their tax refunds. Why not consider donating 10% of your tax refund to your neediest neighbors!

With the average tax refund totaling around $3000, you could give $300 to provide:

  • FOOD for a hungry family living in a hotel;
  • OCCUPATION training for a young man trying to get his life in order and take care of his family;
  • CLOTHING for a homeless man who has no money to buy a warm coat;
  • UNDERSTANDING in the form of social services for individuals working hard to find a job, parent their children, overcome addictions and find purpose in the midst of poverty;
  • SHELTER for those who find themselves sleeping on the streets or living in unsafe and broken down homes.

Donating 10% of your tax refund, or even more, could literally save someone's life! Just think, you have been living without this money all year. Pay it forward this year and help someone in need!

Click here to make a difference in the lives of some of your neediest neighbors!

Thank you for your kindness and generosity for those in need here in North America. 

For those we serve,

Fr. Justin

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