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Say YES to Someone Else's Opinion



A huge part of being in community with others is letting others be right. If someone always feels like you are going to disagree with them, they will have a wall up to you, and you may never connect with them.  Relating successfully to the people around you requires active listening and patient sharing of thoughts.  If you always aim to be right, when it matters, you won't be listened to.

It's a good idea to let the other person speak their mind without objection when the subject at hand is no big deal.  For example, there are many ways to drive from place to place, so let the other person pick the route you will take.  Or someone may think it's 40 degrees outside, while you are sure that it's 20.  In these types of situations, the fight is really not worth fighting.  It is good to opt for just saying "OK" and moving on.

There are also many opportunities to relate well to people when having discussions involving opinions.  People have varied opinions about food, colors, decor, movies, music, etc.  Instead of telling someone why you disagree, continue to explore that person and who they are.  Listen to what they like and ask them to tell you more about it instead of bringing the attention to yourself and your opinion.  If they ask about you, share yourself with them... keep the conversation open and find commonalities and appreciate why each of you is different and unique.

People are simply different.  Life would be boring otherwise.  Having beneficial relationships with people is fostered by truly being open to loving people as they are.  If someone feels comfortable being who they are with you, it is likely that you will connect to the point of really being able to meet each other's needs.

So let others be right.  If you always object, you will never be heard. But if you listen with care, your words will be received as an offering of love.

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