Click on the icons below to download toolkits for these turnkey programs and events you can do with your church, youth, group,  family, or even as a personal service project.

If you live close to a FOCUS Center and want to volunteer, scroll to the bottom of the page for contact info.


Ways to Volunteer 

FOCUS Centers:

If you would like to volunteer at a FOCUS Center near you call 866-267-3083 and the extension listed below.
  • St. Herman’s FOCUS Cleveland, OH—Paul Finley, Local Director, ext 714
  • FOCUS Indianapolis, IN—Randy Evans, Local Coordinator, ext 710
  • FOCUS Minnesota, MN—Vera Proctor, Local Director, ext 712
  • FOCUS Pittsburgh, PA— Fr. Paul Abernathy, Local Director, ext 713
  • FOCUS Saint Louis, MO—Fr. Patrick Dare, Local Coordinator, ext 711
  • FOCUS San Diego, CA—Patty Diaz, Local Coordinator, 715
  • FOCUS Detroit— Eric Shanburn, 711

National Programs:

If you would like to volunteer for a national program please click on the program link for more info or contact the appropriate staff member
  • YES! or Destination: FOCUS—Katrina Bitar, Program Director, ext 705
  • Summer Feeding— Jim Portellos, Summer Operations Manager, ext 709
  • Back to School— Nikos Petrogeorge, ext 707

National Office:

We are growing rapidly and welcome volunteers at our national office in Pittsburgh, PA. We often have need of cooks, drivers, servers, administrative support, and professional mentors. If you are interested in volunteering at our main office, please call us at 866-267-3083 or email us at JavaScript required to view address.